My name is Swen,

I am the CEO of SWEGOMedia and the main photographer and cameraman here. I have more than 18 years experience in photography and 12 years as a camera man. In Germany I mainly produced my own content to distribute to television and internet. I have experience with broadcast cameras and standards.

My main fields of expertise are in the automotive area and shooting with models. I also like to cover big groups and events and like working in a fast paced environment.

My hobbies are almost the same as my job: I like cars and people – so working with both of them in my projects, makes me always very happy. And as you can see in the videos on the site, I also like riding my dirt bike, ATVs and Jet Ski.

Our team is very professional – we get your job done right! But at the same time we are also fun to be around…

Air Show Photography

I love photography and filming. Also I enjoy racing bikes, cars and Jet Ski :-)


Swen Motorsports

NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon and I before the $500.000 charity auction of his race car !!! #Official photographer for Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ#

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