our equipment in Las Vegas

SWEGO Media owns a lot of high quality photo and video equipment, to deliver high quality results.

.... and if we need more gear, we will rent any camera or lens we need to get the job done!

For video we use mainly Canon Cinema Eos (Super35mm) cameras and for photo Canon 5d cameras (or similar). Our lenses start at 11 mm wide angle lens to 600mm super tele lenses , to cover all your needs. Also we have tripods, sliders, lights, high quality audio gear, jib..... all the gear we need to make a big production work.

600mm tele lens

Filming at an airshow from 1.5 miles away requires good equipment. We have the focus skills to get sharp videos with our Canon Cinema EOS Super35mm camera even at nearly 1000mm focal length (full frame equivalent) Click here to see this Airshow video

nearly 1000mm (full frame equivalent) filming at Las Vegas Airshow

Please contact us to see our complete list of equipment.